The  harsh Australian climate can become uncomfortable very quickly, so it’s important that you have the right air conditioning unit in your home. We supply, install and repair many of Australia’s most trusted names and brands in air conditioning.

Every family home has different needs, depending on the size, layout, and how much time you and your family spend in each area. Our highly qualified professional technicians will help you determine what type of unit best suits your needs and budget. We provide information and advice on the most suitable and most energy efficient air conditioning systems to use.

With a vast array of air conditioners on the market today, it can be confusing to know what you need. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!


Central ducted air conditioner

If you have a large home with many rooms, we would consider this type of unit the most efficient. This type of system consists of a compressor unit located outside and an indoor unit installed in the ceiling or under the floor. Flexible ductwork distributes cool or warm air throughout the building via vents in each room. Zoning may also be installed to give you the option of conditioning certain rooms instead of the whole house.

Wall mounted split system

These types of systems are commonly used to cool or heat one room or an open plan living area. They work by placing the condenser outside the dwelling, with the indoor unit placed inside the room attached to the wall in a suitable location. The key advantage of split systems is that they are extremely efficient, simple to operate and require little maintenance. These units are the cheaper to buy and install and suits the smaller budget.

Floor mounted split system

These types of systems are similar to the wall mounted systems only the indoor unit is slightly different in shape and size. These indoor units are also attached to the wall but closer to the floor. The same set up is also carried out with the condenser located outside of the building.

Cassette split system

This unit is installed only when there is room within the ceiling space as the bottom of the unit sits flush with the ceiling and the rest is unseen above the ceiling. These units are square in shape and can supply conditioned air in 4 different directions.

Multi split system

The multi split system works like a split system, but accommodates a larger home with multiple rooms, allowing individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This unit consists of one outdoor condenser unit and multiple indoor units. This not only optimizes comfort but also saves on running costs as only the desired rooms can be conditioned when required in turn eliminating wastage.

Inverter systems

One of the most energy efficient options is an inverter system, which uses a smaller power supply. Inverters can save up to 30% on power consumption, compared to some other air conditioners. They work by continuously and automatically adjusting the fan and motor speed of the air conditioning condenser so that it can reach the required temperature faster. The compressor then adjusts itself up or down to keep the temperature constant.

Reverse cycle

As the name suggests, these types of units can provide both cooling and heating, with the added advantage that you won’t need additional forms of heating. However, they are generally designed for one room only and are installed into a window or wall and can be a very economical method of air conditioning.

Split system

These types of systems are commonly used to cool one or more rooms or an open plan living area. They work by placing the cooling parts of the air conditioner outside the dwelling, with the fans placed inside the rooms. The key advantage of split systems is that they are extremely quiet, efficient, and simple to operate, and require little maintenance.


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